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Artist Statement

My main goal when creating a piece of artwork is to tell a story. One of the bests parts of creating and sharing my art is hearing the stories that the people who view my art share with me. Listening to these stories of others unlocks new levels of creativity and encourages me to dive deeper into the process; which, in turn, keeps me excited about returning to each and every canvas I work on. I like to pour real, visceral emotion into my paintings, like a scene from a movie that you can't shake from your memory so that you can find what moves you and what makes your heart sing. It's my greatest hope that you'll find more of yourself in these paintings, that you'll explore your own creativity, and that we'll all have fun along the way.

It is truly my honor to share this journey with you.

Thank you for being here.

About the art

Painting is unlike any creative outlet that I've experienced. Although I love playing piano, writing, drawing, they stand at a close second to a brush sliding through the colors mixed by hand, and weaved across a new canvas. 

When I paint I'm able to find the balance I seem to be always seeking. I get to see life both as it really is, and how I pray it would be. When I paint, I no longer have any need to remain in complete control. I am free to step away from the schedules, and let my story be told in brushstrokes and heard in color. I learned early in my painting journey, that no piece of art is ever "ruined." I have found, and hope that other artists would say something similar, that every "mistake" comes to serve a purpose down the road. Very similar to the human existence. 


Here, you'll find my thoughts, dreams, frustrations, and celebrations retold onto canvas. I hope you find some of yourself too.

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