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Dating An Artist 101

Since February is the month of love, I thought I'd take a humorous look at what it's like to date an artist. Now this, of course, is a post that I’m making all in good fun, but in case you’re considering dating an artist or other creative person, here are some things you might want to consider.

But first, like any good salesperson (wink wink) I’ll tell you why I think artists make good partners.

1. We’re extremely passionate people who know how to express that passion well.

2. We have great imaginations and even doing “nothing” can take on a whole new meaning of fun.

3. For the most part, we’re independent people who do occasionally need a bit of extra space for gathering inspiration or creating work from time to time. (But that doesn't mean we don't miss hanging out! We'll be back soon!)

4. We are interesting people. Aside from our chosen mediums, the way our brains work are often so wildly different from the way that other people think, which can lead to great conversations and creative solutions to problems.

5. Artists know how to make you feel things.

Dating someone who is committed to raw vulnerability and unafraid of pure emotion can be scary. But if you really think about it, isn’t the point of living to grow and improve as a person? Even if you're just a regular person not seeking enlightenment or something wild like immortality, a little more passion and depth of emotion can’t be all bad. As an artist, I know that I love fervently. I like to shower the people in my life with the same attention and devotion that I would a piece of art crafted with my hands.

As a free thinker in a self driven career, I’m not afraid of hard work, and I’m not settling for anything less than achieving my dreams. If you’re not a highly motivated person, this one might annoy or drive you away, but in the right circumstances, this trait could be the spark or the fuel to massive personal development.

Now some things that would be nice if you considered about dating an artist from the start:

- Don’t assume our jobs are easy. Yes, it might look like I’ve been starting at a blank canvas for hours, but in my mind, I’ve painted 3 pieces of art, run the numbers for my budget, and have four things I desperately need to remember to write down at some point.

- Eventually, I will need to have some space. This is unrelated to you or our relationship, but creating can sometimes be a lonely endeavor which requires some alone time for processing and planning, but I’ll be right back. Promise!

- I love new experiences.

- I love hearing about what you love too. Don’t let my passions rule the relationship, I want to know about what makes you happy too!

- I am a daydreamer. You will catch me staring out the window, sketching, or jotting notes more than once.

- Yes, I love Bob Ross. Yes I want to try a Bob Ross paint night with you!

- I have my own hours. Getting a text from me in the middle of the night is a common occurrence, but I’m also available to have those deep and meaningful late night talks.

- I notice and remember the small details. I spend hours in my studio deciding between the right blues and reds, so If you casually mention that you’ve never had sushi, but you’ve always wanted to try it, guess where we’re going? Did you get your hair cut? It looks great.

- I want to connect. I only don’t look for meaning in my work, but also in my every day life, so I’m not at all interested in casual conversation or relationships. I want someone who will see and try to understand my heart.

I hope you enjoyed this fun post, and if you've never had an artist as a significant other, this is your sign to consider it.

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