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March 2021 Studio Wrap Up

Well y'all...March did NOT go the way I planed 😅.

I was in my studio *maybe* one whole week out of the entire month-unexpected commitments, sickness, and just general chaos took over, and everything else became secondary. Although I didn't end up where I wanted, I still think it's fair to take an objective look at the month and keep moving forward, so let's review my initial goals were:

-Featured piece of the month

- Add two new paintings to the (untitled) series

- 3 new mindfulness meditations

-Make more weird art

Yeah. None of those things happened, which is disappointing to admit, but I'm working my rear off to get caught up and back on track for April. The featured piece for March is wrapping up nicely, and I'll record some mindfulness meditations this week to put on the grid (thank you to everyone who sent messages asking where new meditations were. I appreciate that you find them helpful or comforting, and they'll be back SOON). As for the untitled series, I'm not sure if that's on my radar for April, but you can look out for my April Studio Goals post for the final verdict.

So, long story short, March wasn't my best month, but we've all been there. I'm not discouraged at all, because all of you have shown me so much support even though I practically disappeared for three weeks. You all are a huge reason that I can continue to work towards my creative goals, and I know I say it a lot, but I really do appreciate every one of you.

Here's to making (the rest of) April the best it can be 😊

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