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September 2021 Studio Goals

Welcome back to another episode of "all the things I meant to do, but only kind of did!" Just kidding...mostly. In more seriousness, I'm really excited about being in the studio this month. I'm finding inspiration coming more frequently as the seasons begin to merge, the weather starts to turn, and the colors begin to pop with warm inviting tones.

Speaking of warm tones, have you seen the September inspiration board yet? Check it out on Facebook or Instagram if not! If you are following me on either IG or FB (@kenyattahardenart), maybe you even helped design the inspiration board of the month--which is going to lead us right into my first goal for the month:

- Create the Collector's featured piece of the month

- Play with more mediums

- Add more paper pieces to the online shop

- Finish 3 mindfulness meditations

And that's that. With just a few weeks left until the official end of summer, I'll have plenty of work to fill my days.

"September! I never tire of turning it over and over in my mind. It has warmth, depth, and color. It glows like old amber."
Patience Strong
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