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Kenyatta Harden

original art

Artist Bio

Kenyatta Harden is an unlikely artist based in Midwestern, USA. Her love for creating started early in her childhood, but the love of acrylic and mixed media art has taken her by pleasant surprise.

Living in Kansas has given Kenyatta a plethora of inspiration to draw from, which you will see mirrored in her art. Wide open spaces, vibrant sunsets, a billion stars, and never ending dirt roads appear on canvas in new colors but similarly enchanting affect.

 Creative motivation can also be found in conversations with friends, memories from growing up, and especially music. Many of the paintings you'll see here are inspired by a song lyric or a particularly nice riff; anything that moved her so much, she had to capture the feeling on canvas.

Using techniques from her background in the Performance Arts, Kenyatta explores ideas and concepts such as culture, love, self identity, and socialization.  She also has a strong interest in the personal stories of individuals and is constantly engaging in conversation through her works. She is most recognized for the fluid combination of rhythms and overlapping layers of color in her artwork. You can expect the theatrics to shine in her pieces as they unfold like a story with a beginning, conflict, intermission, and resolution all shown through color and line. Her style is a collision of her love of theatre, music, and paint.

Please enjoy the art. 

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