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The End Game.

Ah yes, my least favorite game in the world: the End Game. And this has nothing to do with that movie.I'm talking about the period of time between planning a task, and being able to call it completed. I hate that part. (Ok, hate might be a strong word, but I really don't like it.) Why? Because that's where errors are bred and born, where procrastination kicks in, and the shiny glittering temptation of starting a new project beckons me. That's why.

Not to toot my own horn, but I am a GREAT planner. I mean if you need anything planned, a packing list, a trip, a party, an arbitrary idea--I'm in. I can do it. I will love every logistical second of it! But when's it comes time to put shovel to sand. Eh. I'm way less excited about that part. I'm a pioneer by nature, not a settler. It's not that I don't (to some degree) enjoy that toiling process of making something out of nothing with my hands, but it's that I like pulling thoughts out of the air and turning them into lists more. Heh.

That's been my hang up over the last...three...months 😩. It's not that I haven't been working, it's that I can't finish anything because I keep starting new projects. I know, it comes down to discipline and consistency, but gosh dang it-starting new things is fun! So here's my promise to myself: I can start as many new things as I want every time I finish one thing. Just one thing. Drifting is allowed. Distraction will not be shamed; as long as I go back and keep working until one thing is done. That seems fair, right? Right. (fingers crossed anyway.) So hang in there with me folks, I've got to refocus my energy and stop making plans for the next thing. I'll get there soon enough, but today's task is to keep the main thing the main thing.

See you in the studio,


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