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February Goals

Time just keeps flying! We're already just a day away from the second month of 2021...that just seems so wild to me. Well, that means it's time to make some new goals and set some high frequency intentions for February. (If you missed the January Wrap-Up, you can read post that here)

February to me is about two things: love and Black history month. Thematically, I have worked on both of these subjects before, and do enjoy the topics. Moving into a short month with a big list of goals and projects, however, sounds stressful. So I'll make some minor moves here and there, but I don't plan to add any new series or major bodies of work to my collection this month.

Overall, I really just want to expand my abstract portrait work and continue creating the mindfulness video practices. Below you'll find my Kenyatta Harden Art goals for February 2021, and please feel free to leave me a comment or DM letting me know yours as well. Let's continue to support each other. 😊

- Continue to upload content to social media consistently

- Continue to create mindfulness practice videos

- Explore abstract portraiture further through work on paper and canvas

And now my intentions:

- I intend to support my artistic passions by spending time with them

- I intend to create beauty through an open channel connected to Spirit and the nature around me.

- I intend to explore and following my creative curiosity.

And in case you want to join me in setting some intentions, here's a little template to get you started. See you in the studio!

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