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MARCH 2021: Studio Goals

Okay, we're a few days into March, and I think I have a solid grasp on what I'd like to accomplish in the studio during the rest of the month. I'm enjoying making the monthly featured pieces, so I put out the call for the inspiration board today on IG (@kenyattahardenart), and I'm pretty excited to see where we land with that. A few months ago I started a series of very delicate paintings, so I think I'll add a few more to that collection as well. Before I get too far off topic, let's start this planning post!

Studio Goals

- Featured piece of the month

- Add two new paintings to the (untitled) series

- 3 new mindfulness meditations

-Make more weird art

My goals are extremely quantifiable this month, with the exception of that last one, which is there to keep my practice fun. As you may have guessed, I don't show you all everything that I make on the internet. Some stuff is ugly, some of it is extremely dark, some of it ripped in half or took a cup of coffee to the edge, but some of it...some of it just feels too odd to put out there. I think every creator has that pile; the one that holds the art they've made that they are somehow attached to. It doesn't fit with the rest of their work, but it means something to them. This is how I grow, by following all of my creative inclinations. Not just the ones that will sell or perform well on social media. Maybe eventually I'll show that pile off, but for now I only want to make sure that the. pile keeps growing; that I stay true to my practice and allow myself to express freely.

I'll check back in at the end of the month, and we'll see how far I've gotten.

See you then!

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